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Millertech - Warrior Pro Package

Millertech - Warrior Pro Package

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Have a 24v Trolling motor and want to upgrade to Lithium? Then this is the package deal for you!

The Warrior Pro Package from Millertech will provide you with seemingly endless power through out the day for your trolling motor! with two 24v 60 ah Sport Series Lithium Batteries wired in parallel you will have a 24v 120ah battery bank! Enough power to get you through even the toughest days on the water. 


  • Millertech - 24v 60 ah Sport Series battery x2 (24v 120ah battery Bank)
  • Millertech - 24v 15amp onboard charger x 1


  • Bluetooth Connectivity - Keep track of your remaining charge and many other features!
  • Industry Leading BMS (Battery Management System)
  • 10 year Warranty on battery!
  • Save Weight over conventional Lead Acid or AGM
  • 98% Efficiency!


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