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Millertech - Traditional Package

Millertech - Traditional Package

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If you are looking to upgrade your 36V trolling motor from lead acid to Lithium but want to keep a AGM or lead Acid Starting battery? This is the package for you! Provides you with 3 100ah 12v Lithium Batteries from Millertech to make a 36v 100AH battery Bank (Or 24v 100ah Battery bank and 12v 100 battery for electronics) 


  • Millertech - 12v 100 ah Sport Series battery x3
  • Millertech - 12v 40amp onboard charger (10amp x 4)


  • Bluetooth Connectivity - Keep track of your remaining charge and many other features
  • Industry Leading BMS (Battery Management System)
  • 10 year Warranty on battery!
  • 32# per battery! Saves weight over traditional Lead Acid or AGM!
  • 98% Efficiency!


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