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MillerTech - 12V 135AH - Sport Series - Dual Purpose - Starting/Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

MillerTech - 12V 135AH - Sport Series - Dual Purpose - Starting/Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

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Now With Bluetooth connectivity!!  Keep track of your battery's health throughout the day!!


Dual Purpose Batteries LiFeP04 are quickly becoming a popular item that many enthusiasts demand. Our team of Engineers and Technicians are a very aggressive group and were not willing to take a backseat on this trend. This battery has enough cranking amps to start even the largest engines in the industry, plus they have enough reserve capacity to power multiple power hungry graphs for 8 plus hours. These Dual Purpose models will change the way anglers think about there power needs forever.


10 year Industry Leading Warranty

BCI Group Size 31

Bluetooth activated to connect directly to our MillerTech App. The MillerTech App gives you in depth, real-time data, taking the guessing game completely away. Power with Confidence!

Custom molded, heavy duty, re-closable battery case. This means if you ever have an issue with your battery no matter is it in year 5 or year 15 we will always have easy access to repair any defective parts. This custom case also has convenient hold down strap grooves molded into the side corners helping to keep your straps seated securely in place.

Large heavy duty battery terminals ensuring there is no heat buildup when your application demands maximum power!

The Sport Series Marine batteries are all sealed with a thick rubber gasket along the lid connection point. This means they are Marine approved IP65 rated. A completely sealed battery case will cause condensation, so we build them with a marine grade Stainless Steel breather vent. Our vent sits on the top of the case unlike some others where the vent sits down inside catching rain and dirt.

A 10 year warranty is not a commitment we take lightly. We believe a warranty is only as good as the company and the people standing behind it. We do realize there is a certain uncertainty about how a company will handle a warranty claim if the need should ever arise. With MillerTech our hope is that the customer will have no doubt in his mind about how we will approach warranty claims. Our company is built on a Golden rule principle that we have inherited from many generations of Anabaptist forefathers. We pledge to always put the customer and his needs first.

Voltage - 12v
Capacity - 135ah
Bluetooth - Yes
Warranty - 10 Year
Groupe Size - 31
Starting - Yes**

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