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Fusion Apollo 8 Channel Amplifier 2400 Watt 12v

Fusion Apollo 8 Channel Amplifier 2400 Watt 12v

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Fusion Apollo 8 Channel Marine Amplifier (150-watt RMS per Channel)

Model: 010-02284-85
  • Keep the music going for longer without draining your battery as quickly.
  • No more manual adjustments to your audio settings. The Easy Tune feature does it for you.
  • A glance at the LED indicators lets you identify if the amplifiers have a short or if they’re overheating.
  • These amps have less distortion and noise, so you enjoy quality audio.
  • Mounting brackets are included for simple installation.
  • Don’t worry about potential overheating damage with our ignition protection design.

The Apollo amplifiers are designed to produce impressive power with less drain on your battery. The monoblock produces 650-watt RMS and the 4/6/8 channel amplifiers produce 150-watt RMS per channel.

These amplifiers use the Easy Tune feature, which automatically regulates audio settings. So, you can get the best quality sound without making manual adjustments.

Some amplifiers distort audio when they add power. Ours are specifically designed with minimal distortion and noise, so you can enjoy high-quality audio, even at higher volumes.

Identify electrical issues at a glance. These indicator lights will show you issues with electrical currents and shorts as well as temperature.

Easily install the amplifiers on board with the included mounting brackets.

The ignition protected design helps prevent potential damage from overheating.

The amplifier’s circuit board has been specially coated to provide extra protection from the marine elements.

You can connect up to two speakers per channel, increasing setup options.

The amplifiers are designed to last season after season. They have been tested to a high level of protection against salt fog, temperature, vibration and UV.

Physical dimensions without bracket (LxWxH) 14.13"" x 7.06"" x 1.75"" (359 x 180 x 45 mm)
Physical dimensions with bracket (LxWxH) 14.13"" x 7.06"" x 2.13"" (359 x 180 x 50 mm)
Weight 6.94 lb (3.15 kg)
Water Rating IPX2
Amplifier class Class-D
CEA-2006 power rating 150 watt RMS x 8 @ 14.4 V input - 4 ohm < 1% THD
Total rated power output - 2 ohm (watts) 290 watt RMS x 8 @ 14.4 V input - 2 ohm < 1% THD
Total rated power output - 4 ohm Bridged (watts) 580 watt RMS x 4 @ 14.4 V input - 4 ohm Bridged < 1% THD
Peak power (watts) 2400 watts
Input sensitivity 1.6 V RMS
Input impedance 22k ohm
Operating voltage 10.8 V - 16 V DC
Current draw, in standby/off using amplifier on wire < 5 mA @ 14.4 V input
Current draw, on, no audio < 1.60 A @ 14.4 V input
Fuse rating 125 A electronic fuse (no replacement neccessary)
Power-cable fuse model and rating Bussmann™ BK/AMI-030 30 A fast-acting
Ignition Safety Protected (SAE J1171) Yes
Protection circuits Reverse voltage
Input under/over voltage
Over temperature
Output short circuit
Operating temperature range 32° to 122° F (0° to 50° C)

What's in the Box:
  • Apollo 8 channel amplifier
  • mounting bracket
  • power connector
  • Four speaker connectors with high power mode adapters
  • Four 8-guage, flat head self-tapping screws
  • Four 8-guage, pan head self-tapping screws (for mounting bracket)
  • Four screw covers
  • Fuse holder
  • Mounting template
  • Installation instructions
  • Important safety and product information (ISPI)
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